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About AuditionForms.com!

AuditionForms.com wants to be your one-stop-shop whenever you need to register students for a local, regional or All-State audition event.

For individual teachers, this means that you will have a single web address to go to:

  • where your students can do their own data entry while the you retain complete control of their input
  • where your student information is stored for re-use year-after-year without redundant data entry
  • where all forms are pre-completed with the information you've already made available: names, addresses, phone numbers, voice parts, etc, etc, etc
  • where your student audition scores and results can be immediately reviewed throughout their history.

For event managers, this means that you will have a personal assistant to store, aggregate, report, collect, display and maintain the hundreds of individual data points typically required to effectively and efficiently run a major audition event.

  • Registration: Mass-invite or have your directors individually apply to participate in your auditions, collect their student information electronically, manage deadlines audtomatically, use system-driven rules to pre-populate your schedules and assignments
  • Adjudication: Upload your audition results in secords and publish your results on-demand. Where good internet connections are available, have your judges input their scores directly and bypass your spreadsheet entirely!
  • Rehearsals: Use the student information you've already collected to maintain rehearsal attendance
  • Housing: Allow students to identify their own roommates within the rules you set, then have the system pre-assign rooms for your final review and approval.

Tired of trying to read handwritten scrawl on paper applications? Tired of wrangling fragile spreadsheets with dozens upon dozens of columns? Tired of doing all of the work yourself?

Let us help. Here are some testimonials from current customers which might be helpful in your decision to investigate further.

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