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Testimonials about AuditionForms.com!
  • As this was my first year using the site, it took some getting used to but I think it is pretty comprehensive. (user: mc)
  • As long as you followed the instructions, everything was clear, easy to use, and worked well! Thank you! (user: km)
  • Best feature - Lifesaver Live chat!!! That was BRILLIANT, and I appreciate the effort that entailed, BRAVO! (user: jp)
  • LOVED the chat feature. Made getting help/questions answered so much easier! (user: jl)
  • I like the work you've done and am glad we are using the site. I think the overall feel of the interface can continue to evolve and get streamlined over time, and some of the text that explains everything can be removed once more directors are comfortable with the process. (user: jz)
  • This has definitely streamlined the application process for me and my students. It took a little while to learn how to use the website properly, but once I did, I encountered few problems and was overall pleased with it. Thank you for all of your hard work making this process possible. Could not have survived without the 'live chat' help and support!! Thank you!! (user: kt)
  • Thank you for creating this program. It was easy to use even for someone who isn't tech savvy. Great job!!!! (user: em)
  • Thanks for everything that you do! I think it's working a lot better this year and whatever you did to make it faster! Thank You!! (user: dt)
  • Overall, this makes registration and checking scores easier. Thanks for the work. (user: ja)